EKD Windows Version uses the following applications (dépendances): Mplayer, Mencoder, FFmpeg and the commands ImageMagick. G’MIC, Python, PyQt4, Python Imaging Library, Numpy, ffmpeg2theora and SoX.

EKD CAN DO (on 15/08/2012)

Videos management

- Transcoding videos on the follwing format: AVI RAW i420, DV, HFYU, FFV1, MOV, Motion JPEG, WebM, OGG THEORA (.ogg), OGG THEORA (.ogv), OGG THEORA (.ogm), Matroska (.mkv), VOB, MPEG2, H264 MPEG4 (.mp4), H264 MPEG4 (.h264), H263 Plus, XVID, DIVX4, MPEG1, Macromedia Flash Video, 3GP, WMV2 et AMV.
- Transcoding videos for the web: Transcoding YouTube 16/9 High Quality, Transcoding YouTube 16/9 Average Quality, Transcoding YouTube 16/9 Low Quality, Transcoding YouTube 4/3 High Quality, Transcoding YouTube 4/3 Average Quality, Transcoding YouTube 4/3 Low Quality, Transcoding Google video 16/9 High quality, Transcoding Google video 16/9 Average Quality, Transcoding Google video 16/9 Low Quality, Transcoding Google video 4/3 Hiogh Quality, Transcoding Google video 4/3 Average Quality, Transcoding Google video 4/3 LowQuality, Transcoding Dailymotion SD 4/3, Transcoding Dailymotion SD 16/9 and Transcoding Dailymotion HD 720p.
- Encoding HD (High Definition): HD1080 16/9 (mpeg4 - pcm s16be) 1920×1080 (.mov), HD720 16/9 (mpeg4 - pcm s16be) 1280×720 (.mov) et HD1080 4/3 (mpeg4 - pcm s16be) 1440×1080 (.mov) … and management of the differents presets for the codec DNxHD.
- Management of the AVCHD … transcoding dfiles as mts, m2ts and mp4 to: MOV, VOB, MPEG2, MPEG1, MPEG4, WMV2, HFYU, MSMPEG 4 version 2, Motion JPEG, FFV1 (FFmpeg), DV (.dv), DV (.avi), DVD (.mpg) and management of the differents presets for the codec DNxHD.
- Filters (for the videos): Grey scale, Place for subtitles (Expand), Noise, Brightness©-contrast, Aided cut© (Crop), Free cut (Crop), Color/Saturation (Hue), Horizontal mirror, blurred blue (Boxblur), Changing of resolution, Tourning video (90° to the right), Desenterlace, Adding of outer sources and Conversion to the image filters.
- A small very simple module for mounting videos, including the possibility to mount several videos (with videos of differents codecs and different sizes), the possibility of mounting videos (with videos opf a differents codec and size) and audio files (of differents extensions) and the possibility to crop a video.
- Separate the audio track to the video track (in a video with a soundtrack).
- The conversion of a batch of images into videos (including the possibility to set the number of frames per second).
- The conversion of a video into a batch of images.
- The changing of the number of frames per second .
- Convert a video in 16/9, 16/10, 4/3, 5/3 Panoramic 1.85:1, Cinemascope Panavision 2.35:1, CinemaScope optic 2.35:1 et CinemaScope magnetic 2.55:1.
- Cration of slideshows (Slideshows if images into videos). Many possible settings including the outcome RAW DV, VCD, SVCD, DVD, Flash FLV, Theora et MJPEG.
- Add video tags (and then the possibility of reading those tags by the button Infos).

Image Management

- Create contact sheets (many different settings).
- Display and save (file .txt) the complete informations on a single image or several images.
- Display and save (ina html page) the eEXIF datas of the pictures.
- Possibility of changing the format (extension) of the imagers.
- Resize the images (to change the size of the pixels) with keeping or without keeping the ratio.
- Add of elements (it allows you to write a text on several line and add other images, in a batch of images). A complete kit for making photo novel is also available.
- Un small compositing module: Composite Image (you can work with a background of a single image or more).
- The possibility to rename a batch of images (if you want to rename some pictures with EXIF datas, you have thje possibility to rename them including the date of shooting).
- Create animated gif et cut of images (in the chapter For the web).
- Multiplication of images: multipling images (here you can convert the images into videos, and we’re able to work with batches of images and videos).
- Transitions on the sequences of images ; it allows to switch from one sequence to the other (the availables modules are fading and Spiral).
- Alpha Mask to crop a plain green or blue background. 3D Mask to (as a final solution) import and use images from a computer generated images software.
- Filters: Old movies (bands + dust), Sepia (to be used for instance after the old movie filter), Drawing 1: black lines, Drawing 2: pencil, Drawing 3: monochrome, Drawing 4: with a little color, Oil painting, Blur, Gamma, Drawing 5: fascinating colors + dark background, Pointillism, Dark-clear, Paint to water, Drawing 6: illustration grayscale, Drawing 7: features very fine + coulor, Emboss, Sharpen (Deatils), Grayscale, Preset colors, Creating custom colors, Bas-relief or carved stone, Improvement edges (clearer images), Noise reduction (ddenoising), Drawing 8: thresholding images, Drawing 9: evanescence, Drawing 10: cartoon imitation 1, Negative (inverse colors/values), Framing photographic, Separation into mudules, Shadow and light in color, Rotate image, Drawing 11: cartoon imitation 2, Drawing 12: laplacian and Contour and color, Drawing 13: in color, Drawing 14: pencil 2, Red eyes reduction, Solarisation, Oeilleton, Polaroïd, Old picture, Analytic cubism, Andy Warhol, Expressionnism, Bubbles in drawing, Flatness 1, Thermic vision, Monochrome and fading painting, Hard edges, Erosion, Dilation, Figuration libre, Paint-to-water painting 1, Flame effect, Drawing 15: comic imitation 3, Glow, Standardization tiled, Fantasy grid, Geometric puzzle, Mise en abyme, Multicolored abstraction 1, Cartography, Topography, and Figuration 2, Rodilius, Zoom, HDR imitation, Old school 8-bit, Vintage, Drawing the lines, Super 8 video, Keys painting, Special effects: Water turbulence 1 and Special effects: Water turbulence 2.

Management of audfio files

- Transcoding audio. You can transcode you audio files with the following inputs and outputs: WAV. MP3, MP2, OGG, FLAC, WMA, M4A, AC3, AAC.
- Join several audio files (WAV. MP3, MP2, OGG, FLAC, WMA, M4A, AC3, AAC).
- Cutting in an audio file.
- Normalize and convert an audio file.

Playing videos and display images

- Play videos and display images straight in EKD.

Installation d’EKD sous Debian ou Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Edubuntu

EKD est maintenant installable (depuis la version 1.2–5) par apt-get install ekd, et ce pour les distributions à base de paquets .deb . Pour en savoir plus consultez cette page.


Depuis la version 1.2, EKD (Linux) dispose d’un script d’installation sur le disque dur. Pour en savoir plus, lisez ce qui suit. Vous pouvez utiliser cette méthode si votre distribution est une Fedora, une Slackware, une Mandrake … (autre que Debian ou Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Edubuntu).