Simples explanations

Just before the final treatment, especially at the moment where you’re going to save your images, EKD uses the following formulation:

image_title_000001.extension, image_title_000002.extension, image_title_000003.extension, …

By default (at the precise moment when you save your images) the number of the first batch of images 000001 and the lenght is of 6, have a look at the settings corresponding to the image below …

If 25 images are downloaded, here’s what the title and the numbering of the images looks like (we’re ok to say that, at the moment of the treatment, that means the saving of the images, the File name is image_title) …

… a little additional explanation …

Small practical case

Let’s imagine you have to treat a small batch of images (with the extension .jpg) with an image filter (for instance the filter Greyscale, that you can use by Image > Filters), and let’s keep on thinking and assuming you have to treat (by this filter) 272 images, you’re going to load your 272 images and make the settings about numbering these images like this:

Treatment starting from image (number): 1

Numbers count after the image’s name: 5

… you’ll get:

image_title_00001.jpg, …, image_title_00272.jpg

Then you decide to load 21 images and to make the treatment by the filter Drawing 8: thresholding images, but you really want the numbering to be continuous (!!!), it’s possible with EKD, all you have to do is the following settings (273 is equal to the images you previously loaded + 1, nothing more, cool, isn’t it ?) …

Here’ is shown the title and the numbering of the images:


To end it up we decide to make a last treatment by the filter Shadow and light in color’, we load 15 images and we make the following settings:

For th explanation, here it is:

Here are all the images (coming from the different treatments and the savings by the different settings Traitment starting from image (number) et Numbers count after the image’s name). Images that follow each other (of course !, as we did everything for it):

Nevertheless, be careful (!)

If you load 1003 images (this is just an exemple) and if you set the value Numbers count after the image’s name at 3, only the images from 001 to 999 will be treated’ (of course !), you’ll get:

image_title_001.jpg, …, image_title_999.jpg

… even though you wish to obtain …

image_title_001.jpg, …, image_title_1003.jpg (!!!)

Be open mind, to be more confortable (and to be almost sure that all your images will be treated), set Numbers count after the image’s name to 6, or 7, or even 8.

The number of images loaded by the user is shown in the loading window (shown underneath by the red arrow):