A) Introduction

This function allows you to organise your pictures by renaming them. We’re often have to deal with the problem of organisation and renaming our holidays pictures or other groups of pictures from different APN cameras (nowadays, it is not so rare to have several digital cameras APN at home).

This function allows you to rename all of your pictures according to an order you can set:

  • by order of selection,
  • by order of shooting,
  • by alphanumeric order.

The process is going to be made in three simple steps:

  • loading images,
  • the settings (choice of the order and incrementation parameters),
  • final treatment (destination and rename)

B) Loading images

In the Image(s) sources tab load your images by the button Add.

Here’s the images (represented by the thumbnails) once in the main window:

C) Settings

c1) Choice by order of selection case

Here your images are renamed considering the order of loading (that means that the images are renamed and ordered in the same exact order by which they’ve been selected by the user at the opening).

So go to the Settings tab and select By order of selection.

c2) Choice by alphanumeric order case

If you select the pictures caming from different APN (from differents digital cameras), the files name have a different structure specific to each digital camera (for instance the first pictures will be 001.jpg for a kind of digital camera, bild0001.jpg for another one, or still dsc00001.jpg, or img_0001.jpg, or again p0000001.jpg). As you can see it might be complicated if you take pictures with cameras of a different brand (there’s no standard here). Using this choice you pictures will be first classified by alphabetical order then by numbering.

Go to the Settings tab and select By alphanumeric order.

c3) Choice by shootin case (Exif datas): ascending order

If you take pictures at a different period of the year (for exemple your mountains holidays this winter and those at the beach on summer ), or the birth of your child three years ago (that’s only an exemple), you might wish to rename your pictures considering the date of shooting, by that way you will be able to organise them in an chronological order, choose then By shooting order (Exif datas): ascending order in the drop down liste.

c4) Choice by shooting case (Exif datas): descending order

It’s exactly the same thing as before, but this time the classification is going to be made from the recent to the older one.

D) Final treatment

Click on the button Apply and save.

The saving window getsopen (Save) , here, on the left side, select the fianl directory (if you need open the sub-directiories), type the title in the text field File name: and click on the button Save.

E) See the informations

If you click on the Infos tab, you may access the informations about the path of your images once you loaded them and once renamed.