A) Introduction

This function gives you the possibility of viewing some images in a directory.

B) Downloading and selecting the images

To know how it works, have a look (and read what is mentionned) at the image right below:

Here’s the explanation about the captions:

1) Browse in the tree diagram and select the directory.
2) Click on the thumbnail.
3) The image is displayed.
4) You can also click on the button, a dialogue box gets open, then you select the image and you click on the button Open.

You can also see the images in a directory as a slideshow (read the following lines to get more informations).

C) The ways of displaying

1) Buttons for viewing putting forward the slideshow (take care you could need a lot of resources from the machine).
2) Button to set the size of the preview of the image on the window.
3) Button to see the previewed image at his real size.
4) Button to zoom in on the image you see.
5) Button to zoom out on the image you see.
6) Button to download the images (very useful to see an image without going through the slideshow).

Just for information: a right click with the mouse in the displaying window allows you
to see a dialogue box with the menus corresponding to 2), 3), 4) and 5) (that’s what we saw before).