A) Introduction

The translation gateway on line allows everybody (to those who wish to participate to the project as a translator) to translate the EKD interface in different languages.

The plateform to translate EKD is extremely easy to use (a kid’s game !).

By this way, the translation of EKD can be done as a part of a co-work job.

B) Inscription as a translator

Let us know that you wish to participate to the translation of EKD like this, you will be asked to register (after we have a little discussion in this forum, and if everything is ok) as a member on the Codingteam forge.

To participate to the projet as a translator, you must first sign in, here’s how to do it:

  • Type your pseudo and your password and click on the button Connexion.

Be careful, in the discussion on the forum, you must (after the signing in on the CodingTeam forge) give us the pseudo you chose (in order to let us get your pseudo in the data base of the translators).

If you’re a future translator and that the translation plateform do not propose the language you can translate, tell us, the language will be added.

C) How to use the translation plateform

You will be able to connect (once you sign in and that your account has been opened by the adminstrator of the EKD project) to the translation plateform on line (or by clicking on the Internationalisation link).

In order to start the translation, you must first click on the link which corresponds to the language you’re going to translate (translations in EKD go from french to the language you chose).

You’ll get then into the window about the language you have to work with, you can see the texte you’re going to translate. Write down your translation (for each text), and then you have two possibilities:

  • you translate and then you click on the link Traduisez-là !
  • or you translate the text, and you check the box Soumission rapide :, you have to do it for each text of the page. To finish click on the button Translate in the bottom side of the page.

You should be using the quick Submission.

On the right side on the top of the page you have a scrolling list in which you can select the way the translations are going to be shown (tout, seulement les textes traduits and seulement les textes non traduits).

! How to use the translation gateway !! A) Introduction The on-line translation gateway let anyone the possibility to translate (for those who wish to participate to the projet as a translator) the EKD interface in different languages. This translation gateway is based on [[http://www.i-gaia.com/download/site-multi-langues-en-php.htm | Language Manager]] which is a small application under licence [[http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Licence_publique_générale_GNU|GNU GPL]] to make translations on line. We largely improved tha early Language Manager to adopt it to the specific use for tranlating EKD. The EKD plateform translation is extremely easy to use (a child could do it !). By this way, EKD translation can be made in a really work closely environnement. !!! a1) Registration as a translator If you wish to take part to the project as a translator, you have to submit first, here's the way you can do it: Indicate you wish to take part in the translation of EKD on [[http://ekd.tuxfamily.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=9 | the present forum]], you will be encouraged (after a little discussion on this forum, and if everything goes in the right way) [[http://ekd.tuxfamily.org/forum/member.php?action=register | to submit as a member]] on the EKD forum. You will receive (shortly after) an e- mail in which you will be asked, in return, to answer to a couple of questions (you shold say, at that time, that you submit in order to take part in the translation). Once this has been made, you will surely be able to take part in the EKD projet as a translator. %red%'''If you're going to be a translator and if it happens that [[http://ekd.nerim.net/languagemanager/cmsadmin/cmslanguages.php | translation gateway]] do not suggest the language you can translate, please tell it, this language can be added'''%% You will receive, by e-mail, your login and password in order to connect to the translation gateway . !! B) Connexion to the gateway Once you have your login and password you will be able to connect. Click on the '''Login''' link in the upper part of the page, you'll be directed to a new page, in which you have to answer the questions you're asked ... Attach:passerelle_de_traduction_001.jpg To go on, you have to click on the link '''Language Manager''' and the plateform translation intarface will appear to you and then you could statr your translation work. Attach:passerelle_de_traduction_002.jpg !! C) Practical situation (connexion as a simple translator) Once you're logged, in order to start to work, you have to click on the link '''ekd.po''' which correponds to the language you want to translate %red%'''1)'''%%, ans then click on the button '''Edit''' which corresponds to the line (or to the paragraph) to translate %red%'''2)'''%% (we're showing here the exemple of a translation of the interface in Dutch). Attach:passerelle_de_traduction_003.jpg Once you do this, a new window gets open, in which you can make your translation %red%'''3)'''%%, to end your work you'll just have to click on the button '''Save''' %red%'''4)'''%%. Attach:passerelle_de_traduction_004.jpg '''You're requested to to the same thing for each line or paragraph to be translated.''' Here's what we're gonna see once a line has been translated. Attach:passerelle_de_traduction_005.jpg !! D) The different actions offered by the interface You have to click first on the link '''ekd.po''' of the language to be translated. %red%'''1)'''%% ID list of the different fields for translation. %red%'''2)'''%% Original text field to translate in the selected language. %red%'''3)'''%% Translation to be made (words and sentences to translate in the selected language). %red%'''4)'''%% (the Edit button) allows you the possibility to open a new window in which the translations will be made . %red%'''5)'''%% It allows to show tha pages in which you can find the text field. %red%'''6)'''%% It allows to clear again the pages. %red%'''7)'''%% Link on which you have to click first (and this in choosing the language to translate ; in this exemple we're dealing with Dutch). Once you click on the link ('''ekd.po'''), you can start the translation. %red%'''8)'''%% It allows to show the content (in a text file) of '''ekd.po''' (and this is for every selected language). %red%'''9)'''%% It allows to download the '''ekd.mo''' file (for each language). The '''ekd.mo''' file is in fact the '''ekd.po''' compilation (if you're only a simple translator, you can ignore it). Attach:passerelle_de_traduction_006.jpg !! E) To show the lines which are still not translated If you wish to see the lines that are still not translated in the interface of the translation gateway (not necessarily visibles at first sight), you have to click on the '''ekd.po''' file of the selected language and then move to the last page using the down arrows %red%'''1)'''%%, than get into the '''Selected language''' part in the upper part of the board and the move up or down the little arrow %red%'''2)'''%%. Once you do this and if you still need it, go back to the first page in order to be able to move to the last page. The empty fields are the parts still not translated. Attach:passerelle_de_traduction_007.jpg !! F) The gateway administrator The gateway administrator has specific rights. Translators have no acces to administrator rights. This administrator, for instance, has the right to delete some files in different languages (by the link '''Delete'''), to add files in different languages (by the link '''Add new language file'''), to accept or not the translations made by visitor in the gateway (which means they have no login to translate), administrator will be able to do it by the link '''Sugg'''. The abouve image shows you the links that are visibles only by the administrator. Attach:passerelle_de_traduction_008.jpg The link '''Add new language file''' gives the acces to that window. Attach:passerelle_de_traduction_009.jpg The link '''Sugg''' gives acces to this (here a visitor translated the second line). Attach:passerelle_de_traduction_010.jpg