EKD translation gateway

If you wish to put a bit of your time in translating EKD in different languages (we really need translators !), you can just ask like this, you will be encouraged (short after we have a little discussion) to enrol as a member on the EKD forum (you’ll just have to wait for an answer by mail confirming your registration as a member).

Here’s a little EKD information about how using the translation gateway , do not hesitate to read about it (!).

Implementation of the SVN version on your hard disk

Here you’ll be able to find how to install the EKD developpement version, so that you’ll be able, at any time, to test the new possibilities.

See the source code

GNU/Linux package (.deb or .rpm) to be tested

Here you’ll find some .deb et .rpm packets (that you can use only under GNU/Linux) … if this means nothing to you, you can skip the paragraphe.
These packets are made from the developpement version (and can be older than the packets of the official version ; they might not be regularly updated) … so the risk is that they can be unstable.

Documentation for developers

This documentation might not be updated (because the EXD code keeps on evolving all the time).

Bug reports and features to implement

Open to all (you must register first).

Contact the development team

You can do this by sending a message here or by leaving your request here.