Refer to the tutorials on line

You can find here some tutorials quite accurate about using EKD, please read carefully all the above-mentioned details. (In english)

Video processing by the exemple
Images processing by the exemple
Tools bar and EKD configuration
Video filters
Video editing
Naming into videos
Contact-sheet for images
Informations for images/pictures
How to add some elements (words/images)
Compositing with EKD
How to rename an image in EKD
For web use (animated gif © and division/cut)
Transitions for images
Background cut monochrome blue/green with EKD
The different filters for images in EKD
To view images in EKD
To read videos in EKD
EKD sources installation under Linux
[[Documents.KitWindows_english | EKD Windows kit from SVN reposity]]
[[Documents.ConstructExeWindows_english | How to make an EKD executable for Windows]]

EKD paper documentation

A complete paper documentation (printable) You can download it here. This paper documentation describes in a pretty precise way the way EKD works… do not hesitate to download it and print it!. Be careful however, please read carefully the terms of use of this documentation (page 4). Sorry this complete paper documentation is only in french.

Video tutorials

(Sorry only in french)

(In french and english)

Introductiory and promotionnal video about EKD